Saturday, February 11, 2006

On Science: The Faulty Logic of Religious Meningitis

According to a new study, teenagers who French kiss multiple partners nearly quadruple their risk of getting meningitis. Fine. This makes scientific sense: You can get meningitis by kissing people, you kiss more people, you increase you risk of getting it. But they also found that attending religious ceremonies decreases the risk of getting meningitis. Come now: Religious ceremonies don't protect them. What protects them is (a) meningitis vaccines and (b) kissing fewer (or healthier) people. Saying church has anything to do with it reads like a perfectly incorrect answer on an SAT test: Bacterium is to Brain Infection as Atheism is to ... Meningitis?? I don't think so.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Though it makes sense, does it not? People who attend a church are probably less likely to be promiscuous - if they kiss anyone at all it will likely be a single partner. However, it is slightly misleading to suggest that there is some direct correlation between going to church and not getting Meningitis. But you'd have to be stupid to believe that anyway.

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