Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Assistance Monkeys, Ducks, Parrots, Pigs and Ducks ... Should the law protect them? My Latest New York Times Magazine Story

Update: The Culture Dish move is now complete, and the new Culture Dish feed is now live. Please update your subscription and we'll see you over on the new site!

I know, I told you Culture Dish was moving, and it did. But I've been having problems with the new site (hard-to-read font, plus its feed isn't activated yet, alas), so I wanted to post a quick note here to let folks know about my latest New York Times Magazine story, Creature Comforts, which just went online today. It's about the use of nontraditional service animals -- including monkeys, miniature horses, parrots, snakes, goats, even ducks -- and the legal battles surrounding them. The print version will hit the stands this Sunday. I've posted about the story in detail on my new blog, along with photos of the animals I wrote about, video footage of Panda the guide miniature horse, and much more. So come check it out.

Photo caption: Skloot interviewing Richard the agoraphobia service monkey ...

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Culture Dish Has Moved

That's right, today is moving day. Please update your links or RSS feeds or whatever it is that you use, and come check out Culture Dish at its new home on ScienceBlogs, complete with an inaugural post. I'll be keeping my archives here for a while until I figure out how to move them over to the new server, but eventually I'll transfer them and close down this site entirely.

See you at the new diggs ...