Tuesday, March 14, 2006

On The Line - A New Play

I'm very excited to say that my boyfriend David Prete and our good friends Joe Roland and John Zibell have just launched a website for their new and fabulous Off-Broadway play, On The Line, which will be at the historic Cherry Lane Theater this April. As they describe it, "The play explores what happens when three lifelong friends take on management, the union and ultimately each other when a strike wreaks havoc on their working class town. Along the way they have to negotiate mobs of angry first graders, bat wielding bartenders, no-neck coroporate shills, and the North American Free Trade Agreement."

It's being put on by Mike Nichols (academy award winning director of The Graduate, Angels in America, Closer, Spamalot) and produced by Bill Haber and Bob Boyette (producers of Spamalot and many other amazing things). So check out the website, go see the play ... it'll be amazing: www.onthelinetheplay.com



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