Saturday, April 22, 2006

And Now For Something Completely Different: Man Survives 12 nails to the Head

The headline really says it all: This man shot 12 nails into his head in a suicide attempt and suffered no lasting damage. The brain is such an amazing and baffling organ. If I was a religious person, I'd say God was messing with this guy. Like, Go ahead, shoot another one ...

A bit of the story, from the AP:
"The man ... went to an Oregon hospital complaining of a headache. Doctors were surprised when they took X-rays and found the nails - six clustered between his right eye and ear, two below his right ear and four on the left side of his head ... He became short-tempered and hostile when OHSU staff asked him how the injury occurred ... The man at first told doctors he had had a "nail gun accident." It wasn't until later that the patient admitted he'd used meth and the injury was a suicide attempt ... Surgeons were able to remove the nails with needle-nosed pliers and a drill because the nail heads did not penetrate the skull."
Apparently, there's a study looking at this sort of thing: This man is the first to survive "intentionally fired so many foreign objects into the head," but nail gun injuries aren't unheard of: "Nail gun injuries are often accidental. But more than 65 percent of the time, a nail gun injury to the head is associated with an intentional discharge, a psychiatric disorder or both, the study said."



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