Friday, November 24, 2006

More Talking Dogs

For those who were properly impressed by the singing basenji I posted about last week, I give you Gibson (pictured left) the world's tallest dog (honest), who happens to be able to say "I love you." Really, check out his site and click on the paw under his picture. If you're like me, you'll click it compulsively about 20 times to hear it over and over again ... (thanks for that tip, Sarah!)

The other thing you'll do if you're like me: After verifying that Gibson is indeed the world's tallest dog, you'll waste far too much time looking at lots of other amazing things ... the world's longest rabbit ears, for example, or my personal favorites: Most tennis balls held in the mouth (pictured right) and fastest car window opened by a dog. Good stuff.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fun post! Here's my fave dog link: to the Mutt Mitt Poem:

7:22 PM  
Anonymous Marc said...

I missed Gibson at the Orange County Pet Expo, but I got to see him on Oprah.

I'm writing a screenplay about an intelligent dog who can talk based on a novel called Sirius

12:55 AM  

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